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They have worked hard as reviewers to make JISE a quality journal and now are recognized for that hard work.
In addition to our contributing authors, we would like to express sincere gratitude to Associate Editors Kelly Kennedy and Brian Leung for their work in making CSP a quality journal with both state and national impact.
And I thank the editorial board for their time and efforts to work with authors to insure you have a quality journal.
Since beginning my role as Editor of the ISLJ in January, I have gained a great appreciation for what has been achieved with the Journal over the past ten (10) years, and I am focused on the goals of producing a high quality journal that meets the expectations of our readers, contributors, and the legal and academic communities.
Greg was also editor of the society's journal Labour History from 1999-2010, and played a key role in developing its international status as a vibrant, progressive and high quality journal.
The publication of this issue, is another step forward in our goal of achieving a quality journal, as nationally as internationally.
Earlier this year, the editorial group met with the New Zealand College of Midwives to discuss the challenges of ensuring a quality journal publication and to clarify optimal editorial processes.
Rather we want to build on and further develop its reputation as a high quality journal of social policy in the current context of academic publishing in Australia.
My goal is to provide a high quality journal that supports the academic and work of our members by ensuring that the articles selected for publication offer a variety of theoretical and pragmatic information and are useful to postsecondary educators.
Crow, our production editor, has taken us once again from electronic text to a quality journal design.
My goal is to produce the highest quality journal possible, and the quality of a journal is strongly related to the number and quality of manuscripts submitted.
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