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QMBQualified Medicare Beneficiary
QMBQuartz Microbalance
QMBQuality Management Board
QMBQuickchange Moveable Barrier (Barrier Systems Inc.)
QMBQueen Mother Board (Red Hat Society)
QMBQuake Made Better (gaming, Quake 1 modified engine)
QMBQualitäts-Management-Beauftragter (German: Quality Management Representative)
QMBQuaker Marching Band
QMBQarz Al-Hasaneh Mehr Bank (Iran)
QMBQuantitative Methods of Business (academic course)
QMBQueen and Member Board (Red Hat Society)
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The recommendation was to initiate a process-improvement team to further evaluate the situation for cause and effect and offer recommendations for long-term solutions to the Care and Treatment Quality Management Board.
The Quality Management Board reported the data and the conclusions to the Executive Steering Council, made up of the senior management of the organization.
Although a major fire that exploded in a fireball, emitting dangerous fumes and in 2012 sending 15,000 residents nearby to hospitals, put a crimp in their plans, the company proceeded to push for a scaled-down $1-billion upgrade while it renewed the original permit granted by the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board.
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