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QoSQuality Operating System
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QoSQuality of Silicon
QoSQuasi-Optical System
QoSQuasi-Orthogonal Sequence
QoSQueen of Stupid
QoSQuality Operating Sheet
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Embedded in that system is Customer-Driven Six Sigma, Ford's corporate DMAICR methodology for problem solving and reporting which in turn is part of the Ford Quality Operating System, or QOS.
This 43 year old company's philosophy is to be ISO 9002 Quality Operating Systems compliant.
Key objectives of the Ford Q1 Award are to raise the effectiveness of the quality operating systems within suppliers and to lay the fullest emphasis on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction in all areas.
David Tinsley, Quality Operating Systems manager for Clarion, says: "This certification is a major achievement for our company and a sign of our industry leadership, but it does not mark a stopping point.
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