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In a statement made on the occasion of the establishment of a new quality policy, Dr.
Engineer Hawa Bastaki, Director of Dubai Central Laboratory Department said that in line with the quality policy followed by Dubai Municipality, the DCL provides testing services in the field of consumer materials using the best ways and techniques to make sure that the required standards are maintained in accordance with approved specifications and as per the procedures for the purpose of achieving credibility and trust of the public.
"We always try to exceed our customer's expectations and we hope to build on and further our reputation in the future." The company's achievement comes from providing a dedicated and focused service, using highly skilled and flexible multi-lingual staff, having a robust quality policy and using innovation in design to supply parts to suit all climate conditions and terrain..
The European Commission will present, on 27 May, a communication setting strategic guidelines for agricultural product quality policy, with a view to coming forward with legislative proposals in 2010.
There is a quality policy and, underneath that, the procedures and instructions to enable people to do their jobs and to work together
And in September when the Lawn Tennis Association complete a major commercial and quality policy review it will be revealed where future events will take place.
Nancy Foster, vice president for patient safety and quality policy at AHA, says her organization has not joined as a partner because it is already committed to several other efforts to make hospitals safer.
Among its requirements is a high level of management responsibility and commitment, a good employee training program, regular quality of service reviews and a comprehensive quality policy.
But Ben Lieberman, director of air quality policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank, says, "It's pretty clear that EPA is exaggerating." He claims the evidence to support the EPA's calculations is weak, resulting in overblown estimates of the cost of lives saved.
The impact of IT on the overall performance of the company is such that implementing an IT quality policy represents a major priority.
These standards include a formal quality policy, systematic reviews of quality activities, a corrective/preventive action system to help prevent problems before they arise, and systematic customer focus and formal continual improvements systems.
This can be seen through the Quality Policy of the firm that states:
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