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QPAQuality Point Average
QPAQuality Performance Assessment (various organizations)
QPAQuality Performance Accreditation (Kansas State Department of Education)
QPAQuarry Products Association (UK)
QPAQualified Pension Administrator
QPAQuality Practice Award (UK Primary Medical Care Award)
QPAQualified Production Activities (accouting)
QPAQuantity Per Assembly
QPAQualified Purchasing Agent (New Jersey civil service)
QPAQuantity Per Application
QPAQuota Purchase Agreement
QPAQuality Process Analyst (American Society for Quality)
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There are qualifying programs for those interested in becoming a certified biomedical auditor; calibration technician; HACCP auditor (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points); manager of quality/organizational excellence; quality auditor, quality engineer, quality inspector, or quality technician; reliability engineer; Master Black Belt; pharmaceutical GMP professional; quality improvement associate; quality process analyst; software quality engineer; supplier quality professional; Six Sigma Black Belt; Six Sigma Green Belt; and Six Sigma Yellow Belt.
The Certified Quality Process Analyst Handbook, 2nd Edition
Co-authored by Edon 'Chris' Christensen (president of the management consulting firm Christensen Associates Inc.), Kathleen Coombes-Best (A senior member of ASQ, a deputy regional director and section education chair, and a Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence), and Marilyn Stein (a senior quality engineer and quality systems coordinator at the Lewiston operations facility of ATK--a leading provider of advanced weapon and space systems), "The Certified Quality Process Analyst Handbook" was specifically designed to assist readers preparing for Certified Quality Process Analysis certification.
Certified Quality Process Analysts are paraprofessionals who analyze and solve quality problems and are involved in quality improvement projects.
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