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QALMQuality-Adjusted Life Month (health measurement)
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The most cost-effective strategy is to treat empirically ($71.52 per quality-adjusted life month, QALM).
We also identified the following analytic outcomes: quality-adjusted life months (QALMs; on a scale of 0 to 1, the quality of life experienced by the patient over the 1-month period of the decision model); cost (from the payer's perspective); and cost per quality-adjusted life month ($/QALM).
Using the outcome of cost per quality-adjusted life month ($/QALM), the most cost-effective strategy was empiric therapy (strategy 1) at $71.52 per QALM.
The no-screening strategy was preferred to the screening strategy by 8 quality-adjusted life months (24.14 vs 23.47 quality-adjusted life years).
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