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QSQuality System
QSQuantity Surveyor
QSQuick Scope (Call of Duty)
QSQuick Start
QSQuality Standard (various companies)
QSQualitätssicherung (German: Quality Assurance)
QSQuacquarelli Symonds (est. 1990)
QSQuality Service(s)
QSQuantified Self
QSQuébec Solidaire (Canada political party)
QSQuit Smoking
QSQuikSilver Inc (boarding company)
QSQuality Surveillance (US DoD)
QSQuorum Sensing
QSQuantity Supply
QSQuality Starts (baseball)
QSQuick Strike
QSQuick Shift (Campagnolo bicycle shifter)
QSQuality Start (baseball gaming)
QSQuality Start (baseball; start by a pitcher of 6+ innings & 3 runs or fewer)
QSQuantity Sufficient
QSQuartersawn (cutting lumber from logs to yield grain at approx 90* to face of board)
QSQuota Share
QSQuadratic Sieve (method of factoring integers)
QSQualification Sample
QSQuantum Sufficit (Latin: as much as suffices)
QSQuantum Sufficiat (Latin: sufficient quantity; on a prescription, indicates quantity is left to the dispenser's discretion)
QSQuota Sample
QSQuickbooks Specialist
QSQuarter Session
QSQualitative State
QSQuality Scalability
QSQueen Scout (Australia)
QSQueens Surface
QSQuarternary Structure
QSQuébec Secours (Canada)
QSQuota Source
QSQuantity Spilled
QSBody Heat Storage Index
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References in classic literature ?
I carefully saved the ears of this corn, you may be sure, in their season, which was about the end of June; and, laying up every corn, I resolved to sow them all again, hoping in time to have some quantity sufficient to supply me with bread.
Semsel argues that the streetcar business as a whole might have hastened its own demise by failing to field new and more standardized car designs and technology in quantity sufficient to compete with automobiles.
The HSEES protocol defines an eligible event as an uncontrolled or illegal release, or threatened release, of one or more hazardous substances in a quantity sufficient to require removal, cleanup, or neutralization according to federal, state, or local law.
But is that quantity sufficient? The global supply of water is estimated to be 206 billion L (54 billion gal) for each one of the world's nearly 6.7 billion humans.
LNG was chosen for the fuel supply because the utility's local distribution system could not provide pipeline gas to produce CNG in quantity sufficient to meet the anticipated future demand of a growing CNG fleet.
1.451-5(c) when (1) the advance payment is substantial and (2) the taxpayer has on hand, in the payment year, goods of a kind and quantity sufficient to satisfy the agreement.
The sales consisted almost exclusively of morphine and had increased to an average monthly quantity sufficient for 400 average doses a day.
However, there is a limited number of stem/progenitor cells in cord blood, enabling a quantity sufficient generally only for pediatric treatment.