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"The threshold results demonstrate that quantum computation is possible in the presence of physically reasonable sources of noise," Zurek and his coworkers conclude.
"By investigating the theoretical limits of quantum computation without worrying about the practicality, Grover and others are helping to stimulate continued interest in the field."
L, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Cambridge University Press, 2010, ISBN 978-1-107-00217-3
We claim in this paper that permutation symmetry can sometimes be considered lying beneath the concepts of magic states and contextuality that are responsible for the universality and efficiency of quantum computation. Permutation gates in the Clifford group (whose important elements are the CNOT gate and the Toffoli or CCNOT gate) reveal nonstabilizer states in their eigenvectors.
QCNN is composed of quantum neurons and modified chaotic neurons, and quantum computation and chaotic mechanism are integrated into the neural network.
But these wouldn't be useful for quantum computation, Petrosyan says.
In section 3, the proposal and experimental demonstration of a quantum computation algorithm using a single photon are discussed.
Baerdemacker, "Reversible computation, quantum computation, and computer architectures in between", J.
Vazirani from Princeton is leant to have agreed to share his course on Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation with India's MOOC platform; his course is currently up on TedX, one of the largest global MOOC platform co- founded by MIT and Harvard.
While adding nonlinearity to the linear optical network may help realize quantum computation, implementing nonlinear optical effects isn't easy.
Applying quantum algorithms to image processing is still in the stage of development; studies show that it is feasible to use quantum information and quantum computation in the image processing.
This development in the field of quantum computation may threaten and replace traditional encryption systems by utilizing algorithms such as Shor's quantum factoring algorithms, discrete algorithms, and Grover's algorithm.
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