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The classical counterpart of quantum cryptography is physical layer security, which offers information theoretical security based on several physical assumptions from classical mechanics.
Despite this apparent shift in interest from quantum computing to quantum cryptography, in February 2013, a Chinese report emerged touting a breakthrough in trying to achieve the quantum computer: "The solid-state quantum research crew from the University of Science and Technology of China succeeded in performing the quantum logic gate operation on one single electron at 10 picoseconds, renewing the previous world records by nearly 100 times.
This type of single-photon emitter, if demonstrated to have the desired performance in a practical system, would represent a major milestone towards making quantum cryptography with single-photon emitters a practical reality.
Most methods and facilities of quantum cryptography are patented in different countries and have the prospect to be realised in the near future (Bennett et al.
This is where quantum cryptography comes to the rescue, offering a new solution to the key distribution problem by using the quantum mechanics principles.
Thorne, the author of the book "Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy," will link Einstein's work to the later development of lasers, the global positioning system, thermonuclear power and quantum cryptography.
Researchers there, working with an international team, have developed a quantum cryptography technology.
Quantum cryptography, in this instance, would work by encoding bits of information into single photons - the tiny particles of energy that make up light - polarizing them in one of two directions, and transmitting them through channels such as fiber-optic cable over short distances.
The NEC Research Institute is also involved in internet meta-search engines, scalable cluster computing, distributed languages and systems and quantum cryptography.
However, just this year a prototype quantum cryptography machine was constructed at the IBM TJ Watson Laboratories.