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indicate lack of knowledge of the quantum wave function and therefore
HV for a quantum wave function. [[phi].sub.2], lies within a range of
ontology of quantum wave functions. It just has us consider the question
quantum wave functions be at least as real (and therefore ontological)
Let's say before the observation that the Schrodinger cat state represented by a quantum wave function is given by a superposition of two possibility amplitudes L (live cat) and D (dead cat).
6 as a movement of the quantum wave function to the left as L and the right as D) enters the consciousness of A: L or D becomes for A either a live or a dead cat, but for the ultimate observer, B, the joint state of the object-plusintermediate observer becomes a mixture [10] of the two joint eigenstates say [A.sub.L] x L and [A.sub.D] x D.
So all of this Maja brain modeling is based on the old point of view of Bohr-Wigner--there must a collapse of the quantum wave function. But is this the only way out of this seeming paradoxical thinking?
In what follows I hope to show how quantum wave function collapse resulting in conscious observation can be understood using CTCs.
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