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They built their device out of electrons moving through a series of structures known as quantum wells.
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Room temperature light-emitting diodes have been built in porous silicon (0.6 [mu]m), in erbium-doped silicon (1.54 [mu]m) and in strained SiGe multiple quantum wells (1.3 [mu]m).
This may be attributed to the reduction of the quantum well thickness and/or the In composition near the dislocation positions.
Kawakami, "Strain relaxation effect by nanotexturing InGaN/ GaN multiple quantum well," Journal of Applied Physics, vol.
Now, the researchers are looking into what happens to this chaotic behavior when two quantum wells are coupled together.
In the present work, the binding energy of a polaron confined in a GaAs/[Ga.sub.1-x][Al.sub.x]As quantum well wire is calculated within the framework of the variational and Lee-Low Pines approach.
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These layers -- no more than 40 atoms thick -- serve as quantum wells, which confine electrons within their boundaries.