QUARGQueen's University Astronomy Research Group
QUARGQuality of Urban Air Review Group (Department of Environment; UK)
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Quarg manufacturing innovations and their effects on quality, nutritive value, and consumer acceptance.
2-2: 1 Cheddar, brick, cottage retentate (LCR) cheese, colby, mozarella, edam, saint paulin, quag Medium/concentrated 2-6: 1 Cheddar, feta, havarti, gouda, retentate (MCR) and blue cheese Liquid pre cheese Same as of Feta, mozzarella, quarg, (LPC) cheese curd camembert, ricotta, cream cheese, mascarpone and saint mauri Retentate Remark Low concentrated 4.
Their wide-ranging titles are: Liquid milk and cream; Milk chemistry and nutritive value; Cheese; Cultured milk products - yogurt, quarg and fromage frais; Butter, margarine and reduced fats; Concentrated milkfat products; Milk concentrates; Milk powders; Ice cream and aerated desserts; Milk-based desserts; Laboratory control in milk product manufacture; and Hygiene in milk product manufacture.