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QSQualitätssicherung (German: Quality Assurance)
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QSQuartersawn (cutting lumber from logs to yield grain at approx 90* to face of board)
QSQuota Share
QSQuadratic Sieve (method of factoring integers)
QSQualification Sample
QSQuantum Sufficit (Latin: as much as suffices)
QSQuantum Sufficiat (Latin: sufficient quantity; on a prescription, indicates quantity is left to the dispenser's discretion)
QSQuota Sample
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QSQuarter Session
QSQualitative State
QSQuality Scalability
QSQueen Scout (Australia)
QSQuarternary Structure
QSQueens Surface
QSQuébec Secours (Canada)
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QSBody Heat Storage Index
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It seemed as if Mr Shepherd, in this anxiety to bespeak Sir Walter's good will towards a naval officer as tenant, had been gifted with foresight; for the very first application for the house was from an Admiral Croft, with whom he shortly afterwards fell into company in attending the quarter sessions at Taunton; and indeed, he had received a hint of the Admiral from a London correspondent.
A visit to Reading or Abingdon twice a year, at assizes or quarter sessions, which the Squire made on his horse with a pair of saddle-bags containing his wardrobe, a stay of a day or two at some country neighbour's, or an expedition to a county ball or the yeomanry review, made up the sum of the Brown locomotion in most years.
So had the Quarter Sessions, at which he was acquitted as having acted in self-defense.
North Riding Quarter Session Minutes MS (NRQSM) 2/2 fos 198v-202v (January 1616).
quarter sessions, which administered the districts local
Birmingham founded a court of Quarter Sessions and Petty Sessions, based at the Victoria Law Courts, in 1839.
He was sorry to see that the use of this unnational and deadly instrument, the importation of a foreign country, has, of late, very much increased among the peasantry of Ireland." The Limerick quarter session chairman shared this sentiment: "This habit of using the knife is most cowardly, it is certainly un-Irish and should be checked." As did Justice Harrison: "Stabbing is a brutal sort of thing and quite unnational."(41) Persons convicted of homicides in which either no weapon was used or the assailants used a rock or a stick were released on recognizance or punished by sentences of less than six months 47 percent of the time.
In Cavan in 1885 the Quarter Session Chairman "referred to a case in which a woman was charged with having thrown a vessel of hot water over a young man, and made some remarks about how frequent a crime this was becoming among young ladies, which were inaudible owing to the laughter which they evoked." The defendant was acquitted.
In the middle of the 18th century it was bought by lawyer John Sparrow, who became the first chairman of the Stafford quarter sessions, famously preventing a massacre of Stafford residents at Radford Bank.
At a sitting of the Cheshire Quarter Sessions, George was tried for his thefts at Chester Castle on June 30.
Healey selects Lancashire for his case study not because of the number of overseers of the poor accounts, but rather because of the large number of petitions to the Lancashire Quarter Sessions that exist.
Atkinson was committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions where he was sentenced to two months in gaol.