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QWPQuarter-Wave Plate
QWPQuality Working Party (Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products; EU)
QWPQuery with Permission
QWPQuality Water Products
QWPQuoted with Permission
QWPQuarterly Work Plan
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Capasso, "A broadband, background-free quarter-wave plate based on plasmonic metasurfaces," Nano Letters, vol.
It should be noted that a necessary condition for achieving high transmission efficiency is that the quarter-wave plate must be symmetric, thus requiring the outer sheets to be identical [10].
One laser diode, 2 aperture, 3 polarization beam splitter, 4 quarter-wave plate, 5 quadrant photo-detector (QPD), 6 dual-axis manual stage, 7 CCD camera, 8 tube lens, 9 LED illuminator, 10 beam splitter, 11 pellicle beam splitter, 12 objective lens, 13 three-axis manual stage, 14 single-axis piezoelectric scanner (Z-PS), 15 probe holder, 16 cantilever probe, 17 sample, 18 single-axis piezoelectric scanner (Y-PS), and 19 three-axis piezoelectric scanner (XYZ-PS).
Many novel metasurface devices have been proposed so far, such as planar chiral plates [10], holography [11], spin-controlled photonics [12], wave orbital angular momentum manipulations [13-16], polarization converters and quarter-wave plates [17,18], flat lens and focusing [19-22], and Huygens metasurfaces [23,24].
Caption: FIGURE 5: Schema of experimental setup for generated POVs: spatial filter and collimator; TLC-SLM: transmission liquid crystal spatial light modulator; P1: polarizer; QWP1: quarter-wave plate 1; P2: analyzer; QWP2: quarter-wave plate 2; P: pupil; L: Fourier lens with f = 380 [mm] and CCD camera.
Gallot, "Terahertz achromatic quarter-wave plate," Optics Letters, Vol.
Special light-sensitive cells in mantis shrimp eyes act as quarter-wave plates, which can rotate the plane of the oscillations (the polarization) of a light wave as it travels through it.
On the other hand, the measurement light after passing through the quarter-wave plate is
The RF signal receives differential phase shift of twice the relative rotation of the half-wave plate and is reconverted to the [TE.sub.10] rectangular waveguide mode by another reciprocal quarter-wave plate and waveguide transition.
Recently, we have used these resonators to design quarter-wave plate (QWP) and half-wave plate (HWP) metasurfaces operating at microwave frequencies [11, 15, 16].
By using a quarter-wave plate, the light from linear polarization to elliptic and to circular polarization can be facilely obtained.