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Quasi-orthogonal functions and especially quasi-orthogonal polynomials as well as numerous applications have been discussed in many papers [9]-[12].
In section 1 we present Legendre type quasi-orthogonal functions and in section 2 method for modelling of dynamic systems based on these functions.
Here, we consider only generating quasiorthogonal Legendre type polynomials, but, in the same way, quasi-orthogonal functions of Laguerre, Chebyshev, Gegenbauer, Malmquist, and Jacobi type can also be obtained.
Sequence of quasi-orthogonal functions given with (8) is suitable for direct designing of quasi-orthogonal signal generator and adjustable model.
1 represent the sequence of exponential quasi-orthogonal functions over interval (0, 1) with weight w (t) = e-1.
5 with developed quasi-orthogonal functions, as described in section 2.