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QPOQuasi-periodic Oscillation
QPOQueens Park Oval (cricket; Port of Spain,Trinidad and Tobago)
QPOQua Patet Orbis (Märsta, Sweden)
QPOQualifying Public Offering (stocks)
QPOQuai à Pondéreux Ouest (French)
QPOQueensland Pops Orchestra (Australia)
QPOQuantity per Occasion (alcohol intake)
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Interestingly, when eigen values occur in pairs (nearly equal values), they are indicative of quasi-periodic oscillations present in the original time series.
Intensity-dependent quasi-periodic oscillations in the X-ray flux of GX5-1.
First, I will develop an accretion disc model for the most luminous states of stellar mass black holes, including their high frequency quasi-periodic oscillations, motivated by simulations.
From the figures we observe a quasi-periodic oscillations in the conductance (Fig.
Israel (Rome Astronomical Observatory, Italy) discovered quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) in the fading emission of the December 27, 2004, giant flare ("quasi-periodic" means that the vibrations have a narrow range of frequencies centered on one frequency).
A more abstruse mass estimate is possible for rapidly rotating X-ray pulsars, some of which display quasi-periodic oscillations with time scales of 3 milliseconds and less.
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