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The composition of the National Assembly stands as follows: Quebec Liberal Party, 68 Members; Parti Quebecois, 28 Members; Coalition avenir Quebec, 20 Members; 3 Members sitting under the Quebec Solidaire banner; and 5 independent Members.
Nora Loreto writes about the growing but uneven movement in Quebec against the harsh austerity policies of the Quebec Liberal Party.
The four political parties represented in the Assembly at that time (the Quebec Liberal Party, the Parti Quebecois, Action Democratique du Quebec and Quebec Solidaire) approved a motion that would lead to extensive public consultations on end-of-life issues, including palliative care, living wills and, most contentiously, the difficult issue of euthanasia.
Jacques Chagnon, a member of the Quebec Liberal Party, was elected president of the National Assembly in Quebec in April 2011 after serving as vice president since 2007.
The issue of regionalization took centre stage after the Quebec Liberal Party pledged that, if elected, it would abolish regional-level structures of the province's health-care system (the regional boards) (Quebec Liberal Party 2002).
Within a year of its election victory, the Quebec Liberal Party had plummeted in popularity like no other government before it.
While the analysis shows that those who do not reveal their vote intentions to pollsters are always a source of the underestimation of support for the Quebec Liberal Party, independently of ambivalence, the latter remains a more critical factor in many respects.
7) Yet by 2003, the PQ was out of office in Quebec, replaced by a Quebec Liberal party firmly rededicated to federalism.
The most recent constitutional policy paper from the Quebec Liberal Party states unambiguously: "The sovereignty of the provinces in their area of legislative jurisdiction is one of the key principles of federalism .
Claude Ryan, former head of the Quebec Liberal Party and former Quebec Minister of Education, to give our course in Catholic Social Thought.
At its convention in March 1991 the Quebec Liberal Party formally adopted the Allaire Report with minor modifications and it thereby became the official policy of the provincial Liberal government.
Quebec Liberal Party Constitutional Committee, A Quebec Free to Choose, January.
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