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QMCQuantum Monte-Carlo (method)
QMCQuezon Memorial Circle (Philippines)
QMCQuartermaster Corps
QMCQueen's Medical Centre (UK)
QMCQuantum Monte Carlo (distributed computing project, quantum chemistry)
QMCQuality Management Committee (various organizations)
QMCQuick Mould Change (clamping system)
QMCQueen Mary's College (UK)
QMCQueen Margaret College
QMCQuartermaster Clerk (US Marine Corps)
QMCQuality Management Coordinator
QMCQuality Management Center
QMCQuartermaster, Chief (USN Rating)
QMCQuality Management Company LLC
QMCQuadripartite Management Committee
QMCQuality of Markets Committee (New York Stock Exchange)
QMCQuality Management Consortium (University of Texas at Austin)
QMCQuinto Mining Corporation
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This dinner party was the first step in the formation of the Glasgow Association for the Higher Education of Women, which would later become Queen Margaret College.(1)
The Oscar-winning star was presented with a Dramatic Arts degree in recognition of her theatre and film work at the Queen Margaret College. She said: "Edinburgh really is my most favourite city - it is lovely."
The Queen Margaret College Anatomical Department on Queen Margaret Drive is now a hall of residence.
Ashley studied drama at Queen Margaret College in Edinburgh and had early TV spots as a newspaper editor in Taggart and as a sex offender's wife in EastEnders.
Michael, who is suffering from cancer, was at home as the Oscar-winning actress accepted her award at Queen Margaret College in Edinburgh.
Mr Malik's winning menu was cooked against the clock with seven other competitors at Queen Margaret College, in the Scottish capital.
"I was offered a place at either Queen Margaret College or the Royal Society of Dramatic Arts in Glasgow.
How I did it: I love the arts so I did a three-year degree in stage management and theatre production at Queen Margaret College in Edinburgh.
Queen Margaret College student Ellie said: "I didn't have anyone to take to the graduation ball and I listen to Chris every morning, so I just decided to call him and see if he was free.
As he got older, Hill went on to sing in bands, enter dance competitions, and eventually trained as a hairdresser before graduating at Edinburgh's Queen Margaret College.
He went on to enter dance contests, write songs, sing in local bands and train as a hairdresser and drifted intostand-up while studying drama at Edinburgh's Queen Margaret College.
The route may extend to Musselburgh, where Queen Margaret College plan to build a major campus.