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But a jury at Queensland Supreme Court took less than seven hours to find him guilty of murdering Mrs Chan, also known as Jessica.
Whitsunday Residents Against Dumping, claiming to save the Great Barrier Reef, brought an application to the Queensland Supreme Court that sought?a hearing to determine whether the state's environment department properly considered legislative tests when approving the?contentious port expansion.
A second Queensland Supreme Court case of relevance is Mellino v Wnuk & Ors [2013] QSC 336.
The Queensland Supreme Court has made interim orders preventing Mr Thanh Quoc Tu from leaving Australia following an ASIC application alleging the Queensland-based financial adviser has been involved in suspected fraud.
Additionally, (Queensland) Executive Government encroachment on the integrity and autonomy of the judicial process of the Queensland Supreme Court also, it will be suggested, makes the Criminal Organisation Act more susceptible to constitutional invalidation by the High Court.
The case was brought in the High Court's original jurisdiction, but was remitted to the Queensland Supreme Court to have its factual issues adjudicated on by Justice Moynihan before returning to the High Court.
The Queensland Supreme Court subsequently overturned the appeals court ruling anyway, saying in May that Drovers Rest did have the right to deny Karlaa a room, even before the law was amended.
China First, a Clive Palmer-owned exploration and coal mine development company, gave formal notice that it intends to file a damages claim in the Queensland Supreme Court against QR National.
Brisbane, June 18 (ANI): Former Bundaberg Base Hospital surgeon Dr Jayant Patel's defence counsel Barrister Michael Byrne QC argued in the Queensland Supreme Court on Friday that complex surgeries were conducted with the consent of the two terminally ill cancer patients because it was their only hope for a cure.
Magistrate Jacqui Payne ruled there was, sufficient evidence for Australian-born Foster, who did not enter a plea or apply for bail, to stand trial in the Queensland Supreme Court at a date to be set.
Ironically, his attempts at secrecy failed to avert a poisonous family row - and last week Clyde, 35, and Virginia, 37, faced each other in the Queensland Supreme Court in a dispute over the mansion he had bought in her name for pounds 500,000.
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