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QWSSQueensway Secondary School (Singapore)
QWSSQuasi-Wide-Sense Stationary
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Contract awarded for Vendor to design, Organize and conduct a 2 days 1 night outdoor adventure camp for secondary 3 students from queensway secondary school.
Contract awarded for Level 1 sports climbing certification programme for secondary 2 students of queensway secondary school on 25 & 26 oct 2017: Introduction of climbing equipment, Top-rope climbing techniques, Basic climbing technique, Belaying 5 steps technique + certification
Contract awarded for Year End Post Exam 1 Star Kayaking Certification for Secondary One Cohort for Queensway Secondary School (25th to 26th October 2016)
Contract awarded for Design and Production of School Handbook 2017 for Queensway Secondary School.
Contract awarded for Purchase of IPAD Air 2 with data plan and accessories for Queensway Secondary School.
Contract awarded for Innovation and Enterprise Programme for Secondary One students of Queensway Secondary School (8th March 2016 to 30th November 2016).
Contract awarded for Lifeskills coaching sessions for selected students from Sec 1 to 3 (15th Sept, 16th Sept and 25th September 2015) at Queensway Secondary School (3 hour x 3 days).
Contract awarded for Provision of 3 units of cold drinks vending machine at Queensway Secondary School canteen (2nd January 2015 to 31st December 2015) Option Extension Period2nd January 2016 to 31st Dec 2016.
Contract awarded for Washroom Supplies (Humbo Toilet Rolls, Paper Hand Towels, Liquid Soap, detergent, trash bags etc) and cleaning equipment provision for Queensway Secondary School for year 2015.