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It is safe to say that Between Men was an--if not the--originary text of queer theory, and it is not going too far to say that the book played a small but vital role in the radical gay rights movements of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the heyday of such groups as ACT UP and Queer Nation.
Ann Coulter is a straight-shooter, unlike the liberals and the queer nation with all the lies and the attitude that they are somebody.
12) Modeled after the group founded in New York in April 1990, Queer Nation Toronto, founded in the fall of 1990, was a confrontational group of "queer nationals" who organized a number of kiss-ins, rallies, and poster campaigns, with slogans such as "Queers are here, get used to it" and "Gays bash back" (Warner 259).
And yet, legatee to the sex radicalism of ACT UP and Queer Nation, Kidd is not convinced that the right to have sex, at home, with one's long-term partner is enough.
Consider" they write in the book's concluding passage, "as an experiment with new weapons, the kissins conducted by Queer Nation in which men would kiss men and women women in a public place to shock people who are homophobic.
He distinguishes this from the role of "spokesperson," in which he served ACT UP, and later Queer Nation, more than a decade ago.
The Queer Nation census also singled out Corwen in North Wales and Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales as the third and fifth 'worst areas for gay people' in the UK.
In a unique exhibition, popular club Queer Nation is showing images, flyers and memorabilia of gay clubbing in post-war Britain.
The second section features Josephine Lee on Asian-American drama and the difficulty faced by "hyphenated-identities" (139) in negotiating sex and gender roles; Tiffany Lopez on Chicana theater; Harry Elam and Alice Rayner on Suzan-Lori Parks's America Play; Robert Vorlicky on male monologue/autoperformance theater; and David Savran on Kushner's play and the Queer Nation movement.
In organizations such as Queer Nation, ACT-UP, and Sex Panic, queers take to the streets with non-accommodationist, antiassimilationist, "in-your-face" techniques designed to draw attention to issues of sexuality and sexual preference in the public sphere.
Dificil y compleja situacion, sobre todo desde una propuesta que surge en las calles de Inglaterra a traves de grupos de accion directa, tales como ACT UP, Queer Nation, y Outrage, terminando en las academias europeas y norteamericanas.
Emerging from video, from political activism and from the burgeoning queer nation, his Urinal and Zero Patience stand so far outside the rest of the new wave that they fit mostly by virtue of chronology.