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He said: "It would be one less question for everyone to talk about before every home game, I have always said records are there to be broken.
The question for everyone who works in the North East is this: can you risk a leap into the unknown on your workplace rights?
The question for everyone in this election is what do manifestos mean now, when the odds on a majority government of any stripe being formed on May 8 are lengthening?
The question for everyone is whether we will go all out with six offensive players or whether we will be more contained.
This will not only have the equalising effect of making long division out of the question for everyone, but will also enable modern youth to recognise at a glance the years in which films and television programmes were made.
The question for everyone outside of Iowa is whether it matters.
Many of the smaller tracks work hard against the odds to keep their show on the road and the question for everyone is what criteria will determine the two-tier system if it is officially adopted.
My question for everyone reading COUNTRYSIDE: Where can we buy fabric that is made by ethical companies and not using slave labor?
I expect we can do well there, whether it's as well as I did in Budapest is a question for everyone, but I know our team is ready.
A natural question for everyone but Bates, of course, who refused to discuss job possibilities Thursday.
And I've got a question for everyone who got their knickers in a twist last season following a supposedly controversial comment by big John Yorkston.
For the next decade, he said, "the consuming social, economic and justice question for everyone in B.
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