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References in classic literature ?
I was perfectly up in the subject which was the question of the day. How could I be otherwise?
Thence it was but a step to the burning question of the day; and in tones a little shaken, she commented on the interval since she had last made tea for the prodigal, and congratulated him on his return.
The question of the day is not between one and another of these, but in another sort of opposition, well defined by Mrs.
From end to end of our island the question of religion was the burning question of the day. Religion had wrought itself into the lives of people.
The content is organized by category--such as Computers & Internet, Body & Health--but also offers a powerful search engine and daily features including "Gadget of the Day," "Question of the Day" and a "Top 40" list of articles.
This has become the question of the day for corporate decision-makers.
In partnership with Kaplan, the New York Times Learning Network has launched an SAT Question of the Day feature on its New York Times Learning Network site.
QUESTION OF THE DAY Should the ban on betting in pubs and clubs be reviewed?More nonsense.
Every day up to and including today, we are giving you the chance to win pounds 1,000 by answering our question of the day by 8pm.
Every day this week, three readers will win a Fenwick Christmas hamper by answering our question of the day.
columbia.edu/1052.html where the question of the day was: "Someone told me that ChapStick is addictive.
QUESTION OF THE DAY What's your favourite memory of Ginger McCain?