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Heffer's name wasn't attached to the piece and, though we could all question the author's lack of courage, Johnson, as editor of the rag, quite rightly took responsibility.
If that is true, one would like to question the author if her book has managed to stop everyday cross border firing between India and Pakistan?
To a question the author agreed that Fatima Jinnah was a trail blazer and role model for women in politics and still continues to be so.
Readers with only limited awareness of cataclysmic events such as the great Taiping Rebellion in China or the Sepoy risings in India, among others, may question the author's perception of global violence.
I also question the author's conclusion that the United States is "on the 'wrong end of physics'" with respect to matching China militarily, in view of his inability to describe countermeasures presently under development or in force.
To answer this question the author examines the source of orientalists' information which is normally provided by those of previous writings of some accounts such as "Arabian Nights" which portrays women as 'those villains' and what they heard since they were not allowed to enter the harem.
While in Mantorama , excerpts from his stories are mixed with biographical elements and characters from his works come alive to interact and question the author. Kaun Hai Yeh Gustakh talks about the life and struggles of Manto after he moved to Pakistan.
By answering to this historical-philosophical question the author uses the criterions of empire's sociology.
While the book includes many interesting details about the war (such as the cyber-attacks on Georgia's government and important institutions), some readers will question the author's failure to seriously consider whether there was a relationship between the Putin government's strong actions against Georgia and the dismissive attitude toward Russia typical of U.S.
101 Accessible Vacations grew out of a single question the author kept hearing when she spoke to groups about disability-friendly travel: "Where can I go on vacation?" Many lecture participants seemed to be fishing for a broad and magical answer, as if certain cities or tourist attractions were somehow more appropriate than others for people with disabilities.
However one cannot question the author's command of his subject or his desire to be fair all round.
One question the author does not address is the differences between the game as it is played today and how it was played by the protagonists portrayed in the film.