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QUESTORQueen's University Environmental Science and Technology Research Centre (Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland)
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Caption: Audrey Mascarenhas, CEO of Questor Technology.
Sotheby, questor alias chapman; William Smyth, haberdasher and questor).
Despite all the financial market turmoil of the past week, the Daily Telegraph's 'Questor' is now advising all their investors to buy shares in Imperial Tobacco.
The exceptional mentor figure was Malcolm X, the one who came closest to meeting the questor's hopes: "Only Malcolm X's autobiography seemed to offer something different.
The first set of rules provided that the 'questor, vulgariter vocatus perdoner' was not to be permitted to preach to the congregation (and so display his persuasive skill, as Heywood's Pardoner does), but only to read the papal or episcopal letters that he carried with him.
Bio Notes: Prior to joining Credit Suisse in 2007 was managing director and member of the investment committee of Questor Partners Funds.
'Lots on today, darling?' Brian put aside the pink paper, the Questor column, and frowned up at the kitchen clock on its yellow wall, making his neck bulge a little above his collar.
* Questor (KWESS-tur): treasurer (official responsible for public finances).
But her narrator, "a modern questor," alludes to the alleged descent from colonists and Indians as one of many "speculations about us, by outsiders, in trying to determine our origin....