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QUESTORQueen's University Environmental Science and Technology Research Centre (Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland)
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Caption: Audrey Mascarenhas, CEO of Questor Technology.
5) Bishop John Waltham of Salisbury probably referred to lay pardoners when he insisted to the dean and chapter, along with the rectors and vicars of the diocese of Salisbury, that the questors (Latin for preachers of indulgence) of the hospital of Saint Antoine de Viennois "were to explain papal and episcopal privileges and indulgences but not to preach," that is, not to proclaim them from a pulpit.
dispensations) (25th:XVIII:250-51), prohibiting certain leases of Church property (25th:XI:245), enjoining cardinals and prelates from enriching their families from the property of the Church (25th:I:232-33), abolishing the office of questor of alms (which was rife with abuse); requiring that clerics be compelled to pay what they owe (7th:XIV:60-61), restricting abuse of wills and bequests by opportunistic clergy (22nd:VI:156), and establishing restrictions on the conversions of benefices (25th:XVI:249).
The questor, the Knight, the Princess, and Wyvern must brave bloodthirsty beasts and terrible ghosts, but the most dire threat to their mission comes when one of them betrays the other four
Investment company Questor Partners Fund has agreed to acquire Chef Solutions, the non-airline food business of German airline Lufthansa.
morenoi en el ave Mimocichla rubipes de Cuba y al roedor microtino Oxymicterus questor como unico mamifero hospedador de C.
that of a spurned lover to that of a betrayed questor.
Like Marlow, Wagner, and most who share their vision, this Sarajevan questor remains outside society.
Of the two versions on the market the Czerny questor should go for the Liu Xiao Ming and Horst Gobel on Signum SIG X78-00, as it also features the late Second Symphony, the best of his five Symphonies.
has reached an agreement with Questor Management Co.
AGMs: Edinburgh Leveraged Inc, Havelock Europa, IFG, QS Group, Questor VCT3.