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Looking more broadly at poison center data, reports to the US National Poison Data System (NPDS) from 2005 to 2011 included 3,116 cases of quetiapine abuse (37.5%, defined as intentional recreational use in order to obtain a "high") or misuse (62.5%, defined as improper use or dosing for non-recreational purposes).
Over nine months, the treatment arm prescribed 11.1 percent fewer quetiapine days per prescriber versus the control arm (P < 0.001; adjusted difference, −319 days; P < 0.001), which persisted over two years (15.6 percent fewer days; P < 0.001).
In conclusion, the mechanism underlying the hypokalemia caused by the antipsychotic drugs quetiapine and risperidone is still unclear.
The NMA of mean CFB in prolactin levels in males included risperidone (1-3 mg/day, n = 30; 4-6 mg/day, n = 37), quetiapine (400 mg/day, n = 43; 800 mg/day, n = 44), paliperidone (1.5 mg/day, n = 30; 3-6 mg/day, n = 31; 6-12 mg/day, n = 33), and placebo (n = 185).
They are not, however, completely protective as there are cases of NMS in the literature secondary to therapy with quetiapine and other second-generation antipsychotics [3, 17].
In the quetiapine group, 21 people had psychotic depression at baseline vs.
Although not on the NEML, quetiapine is currently available in the public health sector (13) at the discretion of individual institutions and clinician motivation.
Specific gas chromatography mass spectrometric analysis of blood and urine revealed the presence of sertraline and quetiapine, two of the three psychoactive drugs (the other was methylphenidate) taken by the 8 years old brother affected by Asperger syndrome.
Clozapine, olanzapine and quetiapine are a few of the antipsychotic medications that share this mechanism of action.
In his past medical history he was treated with lithium 1200 mg/day quetiapine 200 mg/day and olanzapine 20 mg/day because of an exaggerated sense of self confidence believing that he was a wealthy person, excessive money spending, insomnia, feeling full of energy and quarrelling with others for the last five months.
Quetiapine and topiramate were used for short-term stabilization and long-term treatment.