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QPVQuick Preview
QPVQuick Picture Viewer (software product)
QPVQuick Process Video (software)
QPVQuality Point Value
QPVQuick Pressure Valve (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy tubes)
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'We did a quick preview to confirm whether they were acting on the network within the specific dates and times,' the witness said.
Morgans 2002 cyberpunk novel certainly looks like a million bucks, based on a quick preview of the pilot episode.
A quick preview of the file did not arouse suspicion or mistrust.
Disney released clips of the show for a quick preview of what it's like when two families live together:
On YouTube Go, when a user taps on a thumbnail, it'll trigger a quick preview of the video.
After each project finished, the client wanted to make the video files available on its intranet for anyone to download, and it wanted me to create a streamable version for quick preview. To simplify the deployment process, the client didn't want to create separate pages or embedded windows for the videos; it just wanted one PDF file with links to original downloadable and streamable versions.
Heno will have a quick preview on Monday when we'll join the family in their garden.
The Huawei Mate S redefines how Huawei incorporates touch technology into its smartphones, breaking through the conventional way of touch screen control and ushering in new imagination for human-machine interaction For example, in the picture library interface, a single finger is pressed, you can achieve a quick preview of picture or in the picture browsing interface, you can enlarge image details by pressing, which greatly simplifies the complicated steps of traditional smartphones.
That was a very quick preview of just one major topic in this big January issue.
A mouseover on production icons gives a quick preview that includes composer, librettist, conductor, principals, running time, and short description of the production.
Excel's upgrade will allow users to see a quick preview of charts and tables without having to go through the steps of creating each one first.
Get a quick preview of Eugene Opera's March 16 and 18 production of "Nixon in China" at 11:15 a.m.