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With a vision of facilitating as many Indians as possible, we have decided to roll out an option, where customers will have a completely seamless user experience in the Hindi language and get quick query resolution for their healthcare needs in a language they are best versed with," said Satish Kannan, CEO and co-founder, DocsApp.
Salt and chilli calamari arrived with the same chilli sauce instead of the lemon mayo listed on the menu but a quick query with the waiter saw this swiftly rectified.
Provide self-service equipment, apps, on and off-line functionality giving access to a range of active learning environments, quick query and fast search capabilities.
Over the next few months, they will add Empowers' Time and Attendance, Quick Query, Applicant Recruitment and Performance Management modules.
Here's a quick query (albeit a month too late) from my Hamilton pal Bob - during the transfer window do players outwith the first team always get sold for the reserve price?
They were now able to manage calls with the advanced IVR as it could gauge events and the interaction conducted between an agent and a customer and also re-direct the latter to the respective departments for a quick query resolution.
King Quick Query list of questions and answers provides condensed facts about the life and teachings of Dr.
A quick query via our waiter established that the combination of herbs in question was tarragon, parsley and dill.
A quick query of five local pharmacy companies - plus Broadway Apothecary - revealed that all six carry neti pots, and some also stock other saline-wash methods such as squeeze bottles of solution or even electric-powered nasal irrigation systems.
The agreement reportedly makes Skyservice the first Canadian airline to adopt SITA's Advance Passenger Information Quick Query (APIS AQQ) solution, which was approved in February by the US Department of Homeland Security.
QUICK query - where have Saturday morning kids' telly shows gone?
Our panel isn't large enough to understand differences in demographics across the United States, and I was curious enough about the demographics to post a question about the perceived quality of private labels on a Harris Poll Quick Query.