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Following a meeting with members the Palestinian follow-up committee in the camp, Hariri praised the committee's quick-acting efforts, which led to a ceasefire following the recent clashes that broke out in the camp.
With a survival rate at well over 90 percent for Iraq-war victims, thanks to technology combined with quick-acting comrades in the field, Broger has treated patients with burns that have left only two or three percent of their skin unscathed.
Operation of the system involves the removal of a quick-acting band clamp connecting the frames and the actuation of a remote air valve.
As I write this report, I am pleased to inform you of the quick-acting Board members and other members who acted passionately, and exhibited the Pride of AMT, as AMT successfully stopped a state legislative push that would have placed medical assistants under the authority of the Nurse Licensure Board in the state of New Hampshire.
As the season warms, slow release fertilizers are often recommended since synthetic, quick-acting fertilizers break down rapidly in the heat and must be constantly reapplied.
Armed with an AED, quick-acting church ushers, neighbors, and family members may be the best defense against sudden cardiac death.
Quick-acting citizens of Jennerstown, Pennsylvania, have saved a line of sycamores planted along Route 985 in honor of World War I veterans.
But a quick-acting bodyguard came to the rescue and grabbed them before they hit the ground.
If fuse is missing or blown, replace it with a connector commercially available 13-amp, 250-volts AC, F-type adapter quick-acting, fast-blow fuse.
They report that a night of sleep deprivation, like light therapy, is a quick-acting antidepressive.
A fertiliser with both quick-acting and slow-acting nitrogen is best in spring or summer, but go for one with phosphates and potash in autumn.
2 Give winter greens such as spring cabbage and purple sprouting a dose of a quick-acting, high-nitrogen fertiliser to keep them healthy.