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Object-Oriented Analysis of Very HighResolution QuickBird Data for Mega City Research in Delhi/India: Urban Remote Sensing Joint Event.
ao de dados do Quickbird e atributos do terreno no mapeamento digital de solos por redes neurais artificiais.
GEographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) of high resolution QuickBird and medium resolution images from the Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) was used to identify potentially productive Eocene vertebrate fossil localities in the Great Divide Basin, Wyoming.
Tambem foram mapeadas as formas erosivas no ano de 2015, com base em imagens orbitais do satelite Quickbird de 2013, de resolucao de 0,6m, com reambulacao dos dados em campo no ano de 2015.
The majority of the earth observing satellites launched in the last twenty years such as Quickbird, Formosat, SPOT-5, Landsat-7, Landsat-8, Ikonos, Geoeye, Kompsat and more recently Worldview-2, collect at the same time a panchromatic image with a higher spatial resolution and many multispectral bands with higher spectral and lower spatial resolution.
La orto-imagen QuickBird fue descargada de Google Maps, utilizando la extension Screengrab (Andy, 2007), segun la metodologia descrita por Fallas (2009).
Sidike A, Zhao S, Wen Y (2014) Estimating soil salinity in Pingluo County of China using QuickBird data and soil reflectance spectra.
2006) utilized QuickBird multispectral data for identifying and classifying tropical-marine benthic habitats.
As imagens utilizadas pelo software nas regioes das amostras circulares sao provenientes do catalogo de imagens da DigitalGlobe[R], todas obtidas atraves do sensor QuickBird 2 (fusionada com banda pancromatica), possuindo uma resolucao espacial original considerada alta (0,61m), ou seja, com uma alta capacidade de se observar o alvo pretendido.
Estimating Vegetation Parameter for Soil Erosion Assesment in an Alpine Catchment by Means of Quickbird Imagery.
5 m resolution, 60 are from the QuickBird satellite with a 0.
Franke and Menz (2007) used three QuickBird multi-spectral remote sensing images to execute a spatio-temporal analysis of the leaf rust infection dynamics.