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QTQuickTime (media file extension)
QTQT Interval (measure between Q wave and T wave in the heart's electrical cycle)
QTQuality Time
QTQuentin Tarantino (director)
QTQualifying Transaction
QTQuality Team
QTQuick Takes
QTQuantum Teleportation
QTQuiet Time
QTQueenstown (Otago, New Zealand)
QTQuiet Talk (wireless technology)
QTQuick Trip
QTQui Tam
QTQuad Tree
QTQuenched and Tempered (type of steel)
QTQualification Test
QTQueuing Theory
QTQuantity Time
QTQuadraTrac (Jeep 4x4 system)
QTQuiet Thing
QTQuestioned Trade
QTQuick Translations
QTQuantum Topology
QTQuality Transformations (Canada; est. 2006)
QTQuick Tackle (football)
QTQuasi-Terrestrial (Mad Magazine)
QTQuiet Torpedo
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"As a matter of fact, it isn't difficult to open QuickTime video on Windows if a proper method is taken, for example, by employing a converter to turn QuickTime video to your Windows player friendly format," said Jobs Lee, Product Manager of Digiarty.
A: After noting that "new versions of Windows since 2009 have included support for the key media formats," Apple retired the Windows version of QuickTime 7 multimedia software this year.
First, Apple is deprecating QuickTime for Microsoft Windows.
This bug can be remote or local, as QuickTime parses any supplied file for a recognized header even if the header does not correspond to the file type; for example, a malicious user could put XML content in an MP4 or MOV file, or could add a QuickTime media file to a web page which could then cause a browser to crash while executing malicious code.
To make matters even worse, PowerPoint on a PC doesn't like QuickTime at all.
It incorporates the latest technology, such as all of the popular Mac multimedia capabilities, by providing easily integrated digital photos, MP3 files and QuickTime movies.
Media (.WMV), QuickTime (.MOV), AVI (.AVI), MPEG (.MPG) and RealMedia (.RM or .
QuickTime, which can be downloaded without charge from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/win.html.
The program is compatible with both Macintosh OS 9 and OS X operating systems and Windows 98 or higher with at least 128 megabytes of RAM and QuickTime video software installed.
System requirements: Windows 98SE, 2000, or XP CPU, Pentium III, 400 MHz, 128MB System RAM, Sound Card, monitor capable of displaying 1024 x 768, QuickTime 6.5 or later.
The Tiger 10.4 edition removes the chapters on iLife and adds a chapter on Darwin streaming server and Quicktime Broadcaster.
The site includes a short clip from the IMAX film "Mysteries of Egypt" which requires Quicktime 3.0 or RealPlayer 5.0.