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QDQuaque Die (Latin: Daily)
QDQuand (French: when)
QDQuick Disconnect
QDQuantum Dot
QDQuick Detachable (firearm accessory)
QDQuantum Design (various locations)
QDQuickDraw (Macintosh ROM program)
QDQuantity Discount
QDQuarter Deck
QDQuantity/Distance (explosives storage)
QDQuestioned Document (legal)
QDQueuing Delay
QDQuestionable Data
QDQuotient de Danger (French: Hazard Quotient)
QDQualified Data
QDQuad Damage (gaming, Quake 3 Arena)
QDQuantity Distance
QDQuattuor Dimensionis
QDQuantum Data, Inc
QDQuality Denial (Wikipedia criticism)
QDQuadrupole Doublet
QDQuery Detection
QDQuasi Dicat (Latin: as if he would say)
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One of Mr Scarborough's firms, QuickDraw Precision Measuring, has already cracked other markets with the invention, which has seven worldwide patents.
The Oz is Black Diamond's lightest quickdraw and you'll want about 15 of them on your rack
The judge granted an injunction pending trial after concluding that the "balance of convenience" favoured Quickdraw.
Quickdraw had loaned money to event organiser Global Live Events, now in administration, said the judge in a written ruling.
Established in 1984 as a centre for appreciating animation, the Quickdraw Animation Society is a non-profit, artist-run, film production co-op dedicated to providing the independent animator access to equipment, resources, and training to create their own animated productions.
Lehane keeps the reader entertained with his signature, quickdraw observations: a trophy wife 'was attractive the way sports bar hostesses and pharmaceutical reps are.
Jesse Gouchey had just completed work with Calgary's Quickdraw Animation Society and the Aboriginal Youth Animation Project.
Throughout the game you'll find yourself in one-on-one quickdraw pistol duels.
7, and available separately for users of Tiger, plugged holes in BIND, CoreGraphics, Disk Images, Flash Player, iChat, Kerberos, QuickDraw Manager, Safari, Spotlight, WebKit and other bits and pieces of the operating system.
The software offers automatic generation of multiview 2D drawings via the QuickDraw utility.
Not included is the five-shop Krullind of Ipswich chain that Frater bought from Bert Hatcher in 1999, nor the Quickdraw fixed-odds betting terminals business.
This issue also brings into focus Mainframe Entertainment, the Vancouver--based company that produces the popular ReBoot series; Cinar from Montreal which, despite its recent financial and management scandals, still produces some of the best children's programming in the world; the artist--run, Calgary--based Quickdraw Animation Society; and Xcalibur, a Canada/France co--production from TVA International, which uses the very latest in motion--capture technology, due for broadcast on YTV in the fall.