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QINQuinault Indian Nation (Taholah, WA)
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Colonel McBride is registered with the Quinault Indian Nation in Washington State.
Despite these challenges, the radars and surface sites were successfully installed, with crucial assistance and cooperation from the National Park Service, the Quinault Indian Nation, and the Canadian Department of National Defense.
And in the northwestern U.S., the Pacific Ocean is encroaching upon lands the Quinault Indian Nation has lived on for thousands of years.
They introduced themselves: Joe DeLaCruz, Jr, and Annabelle Grover, partners in life and proud members of the Quinault Indian Nation. I recognized the DeLaCruz name immediately.
As a member of the Quinault Indian Nation, Lewis receives funding assistance for her education, a fact she doesn't take for granted.
- The president of the Quinault Indian Nation says Lake Quinault has been closed to all nontribal uses, including fishing, swimming and boating.
This sovereign status is a defining feature of American Indian tribes, and it differentiates them from other "communities" with whom researchers might work (Quinault Indian Nation 1975).
The Quinault Indian Nation, located on the Olympic Peninsula, in the Pacific Northwest, has been harvesting the rich bounty of its pristine waters for decades through its tribally owned seafood company--Quinault Pride Seafood Products.
The Quinault Indian Nation, which owns the lake, prohibits water scooters, waterskiing, and fast boat travel; you can go hours without hearing the motor of a boat as you quietly paddle your canoe or kayak.
With this funding, the Quinault Indian Nation will: 1) revisit and spot-treat remnant knotweed infestations along 2 river miles of the Lower Quinault river.
Other tribes that have been active on the climate change issue include some in the Pacific Northwest, such as the Quinault Indian Nation in Washington, in response to changes in fish and forests that have already appeared, he adds.
The Quinault Indian Nation will focus on improving water quality of the waters of the reservation through implementation of a holistic