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Quit complaining and make some decisions this year.
If you're not going to put anything into it, quit complaining."
'Quit complaining, quit bickering and quit blaming.
He quit complaining of a hand injury, but I'm sure it was his heart not his hand aching."
These were his words: 'Stop crying and start moving.' He challenged me to quit complaining and start doing what I had always wanted to do for a year now.
They say you have two options: You can complain about something and then do something about it or you can quit complaining.
Allow me also to challenge my fellow lay people to quit complaining about the need to get safe-environment training in our parishes.
"I wish they'd quit complaining and realize the Forest Service is doing a good job balancing it out.
If this is the only problem you have with your spouse be glad you have someone and quit complaining!
Only one barrier was removed before embarking on the proximity talks: Abbas and his men quit complaining.
For those who cry, 'That's not fair!' whenever faced with hardship, he responds, "If life is suppose to be fair, then everybody should be a black, crippled, homosexual." In other words, quit complaining and rise to the challenges of your life.
JASON MOORE, of Stockton-based JM Joinery Services, says small firms should quit complaining and get on with the job of doing business.