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He challenged me to quit complaining and start doing what I had always wanted to do for a year now.
Allow me also to challenge my fellow lay people to quit complaining about the need to get safe-environment training in our parishes.
I wish they'd quit complaining and realize the Forest Service is doing a good job balancing it out.
Only one barrier was removed before embarking on the proximity talks: Abbas and his men quit complaining.
JASON MOORE, of Stockton-based JM Joinery Services, says small firms should quit complaining and get on with the job of doing business.
The boss of Ubiquity has written a column in the latest 08 businessconnect email newsletter entitled: Quit complaining - the customer isn't always right.
Q Quit complaining, it never works, and after a while, people think you're a jerk.
It's about time someone tells people to quit complaining and begin investing in new technology if they want to stay in business.
To paraphrase James Carville: It's time to quit complaining about the rules of the game and start playing it.
If you are a slop shop and are struggling with UV printing, please quit complaining to your ink vendor because there is not much they can do other than tell you to invest in a mop and bucket.