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Pir Pagoro was arrested and hanged along with his 4,000 Hurs in the Central Prison Hyderabad in 1943' reminisces Jethanand Raghumal Betab, a Congress leader of Sind who was also in the same jail on account of his role in the Quit India movement.
On 2 November, 1942, presenting an address at Muslim University, Aligarh, Jinnah said that Gandhi had hit upon the Quit India slogan without consulting any other party and with the aim to side track the issue of Pakistan; he said Quit India Movement was not only a war against the British but also could lead to a civil war, that was destructive of Muslim civil rights.
MEMBERS of an Indian community group in Bahrain have marked the anniversary of the launch of Mohandas Gandhi's Quit India Movement.
Following the Lahore resolution of 1940 and the Quit India Movement two years later, the Muslim League had a field day to feed these minority fears.
Profoundly influenced by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan's philosophy of non-violence, he was an energetic member of the Quit India Movement.
India) presents a case study of the development of the Indian anti-colonial movement in the state of Orissa between 1930, as the Civil Disobedience Movement began to consolidate, and 1942, which witnessed the emergence of the Quit India Movement.
Afterwards, the Congress party was compelled by grassroots pressure to launch the Quit India movement in August of 1942.
Bayly seeks to analyse India at war in its own right, arguing that the British Raj was able to recover from defeats in Burma and in the Quit India movement of 1942 because it was able to draw on the day to day political loyalty of Indian people to their own emerging nation.
But in order to understand the nature of this invisibility, it is important to outline the role played by the timing and tone of the Quit India movement.
The Quit India movement started by Gandhi in August 1942 had subsided by November 1942.
We need a new Quit India movement," Nanjundaswamy tells these diverse sectors, referring to Mahatma Gandhi's 1942 campaign against British goods, "this time against junk-food neo-colonialists.
With the outbreak of World War II and Britain's unwillingness to grant India immediate self-government, Congress Party members resigned from provincial legislatures and marked time until Gandhi's Quit India movement from 1942 to 1945 reinvigorated the Congress Party on both the national and local levels.