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QXLQuixell (European online auction website)
QXLQuick Exchange Lamp
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The Quixell Cell Selection and Transfer System uses automated micromanipulation to pick up and transfer single cells, one at a time, and deposit them into isolated growth chambers.
eBay will find itself competing in Germany against UK firm Quixell Ltd, which operates as QXL.
Members can buy and sell products through Europe's largest online auction, Quixell (QXL).
Starting today, you can bid for a fantastic array of celebrity keepsakes through Quixell, the leading British auction website.
So to find out how it all works, I logged onto Quixell (www.
Quixell has about 100 items on sale at any one time, updated twice a day.
Quixell claims that its users typically end up paying around half the High Street price.
Quixell have also introduced on-line auctions for holiday accommodation with properties in the Algarve, Florida, Spain and France up for grabs.
Quixell will tell you if yours is the highest so far and will e-mail you if someone tops it.
If yours is the top bid, Quixell will deliver the item to you the next day.
But I'll be going back to Quixell because there's a lot there I'd want to buy, I can visit it whenever I want and it's actually quite good fun: a real-life game of cat and mouse that might just net you a bargain.