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QUMQuality Use of Medicines (Australia)
QUMQuoniam (Latin: because, codices and manuscripts)
QUMResume Normal Transmissions (radiotelegraphy)
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Salvum me fac, Deus, quoniam intraverunt aquoe usque ad animam meam
Of the sinful woman who anoints Jesus' feet in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus says, 'remittuntur ei peccata multa, quoniam dilexit multum.
In 2012, medicines sales surpassed US$ 900 billion with trend to reach US$ 1,2 trillion by 2016 (IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, 2012)(Magalhaes, Quoniam, & Boechat, 2013).
1017 Quisquis 996 Quoniam 882 Postquam, posteaquam 744 An 719 Quantus, quantum rel.
Likewise the accompaniment of mezzo-soprano Cathy Bell's Qui sedes by the plangent oboe and bass James Birchall's Quoniam, by the horn, worked well, although the solo violin in Laudamus te sounded distinctly sour.
However, after reading Olivier Huebscher's article (The Horn Call, May 2012) on the Quoniam from Bach's B Minor Mass, I have to confess that in all my performances of this work, I never kept in mind the specific connotation of God and the Trinity while I was doing my best to play the right notes, get them in tune, and rattle off a few lip trills.
The horn player had some difficulty with the devilishly difficult horn part in Quoniam tu solus, which, it is assumed, he played on a valveless horn, making it that much more treacherous.
36) "Et adhuc cavendum est, ne tales inducantur formae quae in materia non sunt, sicut fecit Plato, quoniam formae [physicorum] sunt in materia existentes et de potentia materiae eductae.
There are too many dark MTFs in Europe and I don't think broker-owned MTFs will provide much added value to the buy-side," said Soren Steinert, head of trading at Germany-based Quoniam Asset Management, which uses dark pools for around 35% of its equity trading.
sicut in summo Deo est considerare rationem causae efficientis, formalis sive exemplaris, et finalis, quia "est causa subsistendi, ratio intelligendi et ordo vivendi", sic in ipsa illuminatione philosophiae, quoniam illuminat aut ad cognoscendas causas essendi, et sic est physica; aut rationis intelligendi, et sic est logica; aut ordinem vivendi, et sic est moralis sive practica" (II Sent.
Musica [speculativa] magistri Johannis de Muris; Ars practica mensurabilis cantus [secundum Johannem de Muris]; Tractatus figurarum; (15) Ars contrapuncti secundum Johannem de Muris; Liber de proportionibus musice Johannis de Ciconiis; (16) Contrapunctus secundum magistrum Johannem de Garlandia; (17) Quoniam de canendi scientia; (18) "Jusquinus," Nota quod novem sunt consonantie.