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QSQuality System
QSQuantity Surveyor
QSQuick Scope (Call of Duty)
QSQuick Start
QSQuality Standard (various companies)
QSQualitätssicherung (German: Quality Assurance)
QSQuacquarelli Symonds (est. 1990)
QSQuality Service(s)
QSQuantified Self
QSQuit Smoking
QSQuébec Solidaire (Canada political party)
QSQuikSilver Inc (boarding company)
QSQuality Surveillance (US DoD)
QSQuorum Sensing
QSQuantity Supply
QSQuality Starts (baseball)
QSQuick Strike
QSQuick Shift (Campagnolo bicycle shifter)
QSQuality Start (baseball gaming)
QSQuality Start (baseball; start by a pitcher of 6+ innings & 3 runs or fewer)
QSQuantity Sufficient
QSQuartersawn (cutting lumber from logs to yield grain at approx 90* to face of board)
QSQuota Share
QSQuadratic Sieve (method of factoring integers)
QSQualification Sample
QSQuantum Sufficit (Latin: as much as suffices)
QSQuantum Sufficiat (Latin: sufficient quantity; on a prescription, indicates quantity is left to the dispenser's discretion)
QSQuota Sample
QSQuickbooks Specialist
QSQuarter Session
QSQualitative State
QSQuality Scalability
QSQueen Scout (Australia)
QSQuarternary Structure
QSQueens Surface
QSQuébec Secours (Canada)
QSQuota Source
QSQuantity Spilled
QSBody Heat Storage Index
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He noted there are economic reasons for the increased activity through quota shares as insurers are being covered more freely and in a broader range of business lines.
In 2015, Gulf Re reported a profit of $1.2 million, significantly aided by the quota share arrangement between Gulf Re and Arch, with Arch absorbing underwriting losses on Gulf Re's gross account.
"We call on the IMF Executive Board to pursue an interim solution that will meaningfully converge quota shares as soon as and to the extent possible to the levels agreed under the 14th review," said the communique.
If those shares are transferable among fishery participants, quota shares will be reallocated to the most efficient fishery participants, thereby reducing the overcapitalization of the fishery.
* Shifting IMF quota to emerging economies: The reform package also calls for a 6% shift in quota share to emerging markets, which would increase their voting power at the IMF, as well as their relative financial commitments to the institution.
Silverton Re will enter into a quota share retrocession agreement with Aspen under which it will reinsure a proportionate share of Aspen's globally diversified property catastrophe excess of loss portfolio, the company says.
TUNIS (TAP) - The National Constituent Assembly (NCA) adopted, at a plenary session chaired by Deputy-Speaker Mehrezia Laabidi, two bills on increasing Tunisia's quota share in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and amendment to IMF's status.
India 's quota share in the IMF would increase to 2.75 per cent from 2.44 per cent once the reforms comes into effect.
India's quota share at the IMF will increase from 2.44 per cent to 2.75 per cent, making it the eighth largest quota holding country at the IMF.
IMF's policy-advisory body had set a target of a shift in quota share to dynamic emerging market and developing countries of at least five per cent from over-represented countries to under-represented countries, while the voting share of the poorest members is protected.
Alejandria owns a steam-dried fishmeal processing plant in Peru with a processing capacity of 40 metric tonnes of raw fish per hour, together with approximately 0.97% quota share in the North of Peru and 3.04% quota share in the South of Peru.
As to modernizing the international financial institutions and global development architecture, the leaders committed to a shift in IMF quota share to dynamic emerging markets and developing countries of at least 5 percent.