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QUOTE OF THE DAY "At the risk of tempting fate, I've come prepared.
EU was accused of being in the sewer for trying to link Orlando shootings with the referendum POLL of POLLS 52% OUT 48% IN QUOTE OF THE DAY "I fear that Brexit could be the beginning of the destruction of not only the EU but also of Western political civilisation in its entirety.
Contract Awarded for 1 camera repair of cold vegetable in the kitchen junior staff mdn to quote of the day visit to 163 173 in 800 to 1100 am contact nadia fisa o martn clavijo tel 2487 28 28 int 133 october 8 2622 address credit 60 days siif the budget to detail work to be make also detail of the company that presents to be active and quote rupe national currency
AS a fan of the Birmingham Mail, I have to say I am impressed with the new look, especially the page two feature headlines with the day in numbers the celebrity birthdays, quote of the day, quiz of the day, followed by a snapshot of all the inside the paper stories.
You can also have a motivational quote of the day sent to you from sites such as www.
Recruitment Now, which is based in Newcastle, is attempting to motivate people by lodging a quote of the day on its website.
Quote of the day ``My wife, I suppose'' - Jazzman Chris Barber when asked what `one thing' he would try to save if his house burned down
QUOTE OF THE DAY "The Tories call on the Scottish Government to spend more money, yet at the same time call for tax cuts for the richest in the country.
Quote of the day BOXING champion Nicola Adams' former trainer Fred Gummerson, 80, said: "When she came to us I said I'd never have a woman in my gym.
Quote of the day "The two old parties are conspiring to airbrush the recession out of this election" Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg during his party's manifesto launch Polls in one The latest Populus poll gives the Tories only a three-point lead Best prices To win most seats: 1-7 Conservative (general), 5 Labour (Ladbrokes), 200 Lib Dems (Lads, P Power, S James).
RE: QUOTE of the Day (Daily Post, December 23) - ``A grubby government low on integrity, light on honesty and lacking in humility'', Michael Howard on the Blair administration.
Anon Quote of the day ``Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until it passes.