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Quote of the week 2 Alan Duncan MP showed the true face of "we're all in this together" when he sneered at people who aren't millionaires.
QUOTE OF THE WEEK #2: "I do not know whether it would be in order, as a man, for me to move it lying on my stomach and kicking my legs in the air.
QUOTE of the week from Lottery-winning 'Liverpool fan' Ken Henry: 'I've been a Sun reader for as long as I can remember.
Quote of the week has to be that Blunkett is the only politician to resign to 'spend time with someone else's family'.
QUOTE of the Week is from eight-year-old Low the Younger, who has graced these pages many times thanks to his habit of getting things slightly confused.
Quote of the week, though, belonged to Big Sam Allardyce: ``The great thing about foreigners is there always seems to be some other muppet to take them off your hands, '' he said, before adding: ``Pity you can't say that about some English players
POTTY Quote of the Week award goes to Dunfermline director Gavin Master ton who puts football's malaise down to the ''failure'' of the Sky deal.
QUOTE of the week has to go to Mary Harney who claimed in the Dail this week that she can never be called a dodger.
QUOTE of the week comes yet again from my dearly beloved, after I read out an article revealing Kate Hudson, contemporary philosopher and star of such classics as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and Bride Wars, has a startling theory on the mindset of menfolk.
QUOTE of the week comes from Levi Johnston, the aspiring actor who almost married Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol.
QUOTE Of The Week came from my dearly beloved, as he indulged in the gastronomic delights of the cordon bleu fish fingers that I'd lovingly prepared for the family tea.