R-CALFRanchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund
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In July 2009, GIPSA responded to R-CALF USA's complaint and indicated an investigation would proceed into the allegations of anticompetitive practices.
45 (2002) (statement of Herman Schumacher, Director of R-CALF USA).
And why in an era of free trade does a group like R-CALF feel constrained to advocate outmoded solutions rather than stressing remedies to systemic flaws?
Shae Dodson, a spokeswoman for R-CALF, said the group's board would have to vote whether to appeal the case to the U.
In its complaint, R-CALF argues that Mexican cattle are being sold in the US at prices as much as US$200 lower than in Mexico.
According to Bullard and R-CALF, the program is "nothing but a means by which the mega-corporation can exert its muscle to violate the privacy of hard-working, independent family farm and ranch cattle producers; extract from those independent family cattle producers valuable marketing information at no cost; and then charge consumers a premium price for the information it has extracted for free.
Now, R-CALF has listed reasons why it believes Canada has an unfair advantage with the COOL system.
Instead, having heard from R-CALF and believing that continuing the ban would be 'largely harmless,' the district court has perpetuated losses and adverse business impacts that have already gone on far too long," the brief concluded.
Earlier, R-CALF President Leo McDonnell said the plan would "expose U.
In addition to Creekstone Farms Premium Beef and Gateway Beef Cooperative--the two packers whose requests were denied--the coalition consists of R-CALF United Stockgrowers of America, Costco Wholesale Corp.
The USDA agreement with R-CALF is part of a preliminary injunction signed yesterday.
R-CALF USA has issued a statement that USDA officials "have made a commitment to ensure that the law is enforced and interpreted exactly as it is written.