R-CALF USARanchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America
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See Memorandum from R-CALF USA to GIPSA, Anticompetitive Practices Occurring in the U.
See Letter from GIPSA to R-CALF USA (July 10, 2009) (on file with South Dakota Law Review).
Affidavit from Bill Bullard, Chief Executive Officer R-CALF USA to GIPSA 7 (July 17, 2009) (on file with South Dakota Law Review).
R-CALF urges USDA to tighten restrictions on imports of Canadian cattle, beef: Responding to recent reports that Canada has discovered another cow that had contracted BSE (also known as mad cow disease), the organization R-CALF USA joined 75 other organizations to request that USDA tighten import requirements for Canadian cattle and beef entering the United States.