R-DCCHReverse Dedicated Control Channel
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To cancel the effect of the other channels (R-FCH, R-DCCH, R-SCHs), the estimator first integrates the output of the long code despreader over sixteen chips on the R-PICH, which are here referred to as a pilot symbol.
The reverse link decoder consists of an R-FCH decoder, R-SCH decoder, and R-DCCH decoder.
For simplicity, the term "Code Channel" is used here to represent the R-FCH, R-SCHI, R-SCH2, or R-DCCH.
For instance, when the mobile station is transmitting with Radio Configuration 5 (rateset 1) on the R-FCH at data rate 0, R-DCCH at data rate 0, R-SCH 1 at data rate 4, and R-SCH2 at data rate 5, Multiple_Channel_Adjustment_Gain for every Code Channel can be derived from its associated Pilot_Reference_Level as shown in Table 5.
t], which is defined as the ratio of the combined received energy per bit to the effective noise power spectral density on the R-PICH, R-FCH, R-SCH1, R-SCH2, or R-DCCH at the receiver base station antenna connector [9].