R-MICRemote Memory in Cassette (Sony)
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For superior tape longevity and performance, the new AIT-3 cartridges feature Sony's Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) technology and R-MIC chip.
25-inch Full Height (Extended) Media 600m AME, half-inch width tape, 1 reel cartridge, R-MIC Heads Super Laminated MCBF 500,000 Hours
3" H x 12" D) Media 600m AME, Half-inch Width Tape, One-reel Cartridge, R-MIC Heads Super Laminated (read) / Hyper Metal Trimmed (write) -- Choice of SCSI or Fibre Channel Interface -- SAIT-1 drives are available with either a SCSI or Fibre Channel interface for simple and flexible network connectivity.