R-PIAR-Phenylisopropyl Adenosine
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The EC [(effective concentration).sub.50] values for R-PIA stimulation of [[S.sup.35]]GTP[S] binding at atmospheric pressure were determined using 0.3 nM [[S.sup.35]]GTP[S] in the standard assay mixture.
The effects of 204 atm pressure on the stimulation of [[S.sup.35]]GTP[S] binding by the [A.sub.1] adenosine receptor agonist R-PIA and the muscarinic cholinergic receptor agonist carbamyl choline (carbachol) were examined in 3-h incubations (Fig.
Comparison of half-time ([t.sub.1/2]) and the binding rate constant (k) of [[S.sup.35]] GTP[S] determined at three pressures and 5[degrees]C, in the presence of 10 [micro]M R-PIA Pressure (atm) Species 1 S.