R-PICHReverse Pilot Channel
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To cancel the effect of the other channels (R-FCH, R-DCCH, R-SCHs), the estimator first integrates the output of the long code despreader over sixteen chips on the R-PICH, which are here referred to as a pilot symbol.
The output (transmit) power of each Code Channel is set at the mobile station relative to that of the R-PICH.
If the mobile station is transmitting on only one Code Channel in addition to the R-PICH, then the Multiple_Channel_Adjustment_Gain shall be set to zero.
The output power for the Code Channel is further adjusted by RLGAIN_TRAFFIC_PILOTS, which is the gain adjustment of the Reverse Traffic Channel relative to the R-PICH.
t], which is defined as the ratio of the combined received energy per bit to the effective noise power spectral density on the R-PICH, R-FCH, R-SCH1, R-SCH2, or R-DCCH at the receiver base station antenna connector [9].