R-SCHReverse Supplemental Channel
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User voice and data traffic are transported across the reverse link on the R-FCH and R-SCHs. A single R-FCH per mobile station is permitted, providing variable data rates up to 9.6 kbit/s in Radio Configurations 3 and 5, or 14.4 kbit/s in Radio Configurations 4 and 6.
For the R-SCHs, the data rate remains constant during transmission.
The lowest four data rates, i.e., (1500, 2700, 4800, and 9600) bit/s for rateset 1, in each Radio Configuration are permitted for the R-FCH, while all of the rates are available for the R-SCHs. The spreading rate and data rate for different Radio Configurations for the R-DCCH are also listed in Table 1.
To cancel the effect of the other channels (R-FCH, R-DCCH, R-SCHs), the estimator first integrates the output of the long code despreader over sixteen chips on the R-PICH, which are here referred to as a pilot symbol.
Note that RLGAIN_SCH_PILOT[i]S is valid only for the R-SCHs.
We observe that the R-FCH performs better than the R-SCHs despite the fact that the R-FCH has smaller transmit power (P.sub.code), as indicated in Table 6.
This is mainly because of the higher bit rates on the R-SCHs.