R-SUPPLYRelational Supply
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They didn't understand that the ship did not have R-Supply aboard and was unable to generate the required documents for transfer, because that was our responsibility."
Additionally, R-Supply and OMMS-NG would not need to incur high design and development costs to provide SWS-unique functionality to a very small number of platforms.
LS1 Cenon Lu II, USN, (Gold Star in lieu of Fourth Award), Stock Control Leading Petty Officer, R-Supply Functional Area Supervisor and Financial Manager, USS Emory S.
- R-Supply replaced at the Naval Air Stations starting in 2011.
This will affect all ashore activities using Uniform Automated Data Processing System Level II (U2), Regional Hazardous Inventory Control System (RHICS), Lawson (RRAM), and R-Supply at the naval air stations.
Starting concurrently with the last NAVICP deployment, additional functionality will be deployed to R-Supply Ashore, U2 and RRAM sites for a total of seven phases which will conclude in February 2012.
Galino, USN, (Gold Star in Lieu of Second Award), R-Supply System Functional Area Supervisor, Stock Control Division, USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63), September to December 2006.
LMAIS is in the final stages of testing right now and will enable us to eliminate the R-supply system on the LCS sea frame.
3 is the ability to export batch files from BLITS to the Relational Supply (R-Supply) inventory management system to process both stock and direct turnover requisition receipts.
The systems included the Defense Standard System (DSS) at DDNV, the Logistics Customer Asset Visibility (LCAV) system at MPC and Relational Supply (R-Supply) on board the USS Nassau.
For instance, CNSF's groundbreaking Continuous Monitoring Program (CMP), which extracts pulse point data from shipboard systems (R-Supply, SNAPII, Micro-SNAP, ROM II, and FSM) and displays the data on the TYCOM CMP web sites, is used to evaluate Supply readiness performance and could be combined with Web-LARS to display a digital dashboard of afloat readiness.