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The R-T had a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, a 2-speed and reverse transmission, an oscillating front axle that doubled as a tool bar; individual, hand-operated rear wheel brakes; a swinging drawbar, and 6 x 22 rear and 4x8 front tires (Allstate, of course).
A Handiman R-T on rubber tires with plow, cultivator, 3-row planter, wheel weights and belt pulley would cost $443.
Sears claimed that "A 15-year-old boy with a new 4-wheel Handiman R-T Tractor.
The R-T could be equipped with either a 3-unit, 56-inch, or a 5-unit, 92-inch reel mower for large lawn mowing jobs.
The Infinity R-T 300HA is a modular set of components which can be tailored to the exact needs of the application in terms of availability and scalability.
The Infinity R-T 300HA runs a standard DEC(r) UNIX(r) (OSF-1) operating system which gives full compatibility to any DEC UNIX (OSF-1) certified application package.
Encore Infinity R-T and RSX real-time systems provide optimum solutions for complex applications.