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R-UIMRemovable-User Identity Module (GSM)
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Configurable Multi-Purpose Pins (MPPs) for digital or analogue I/O utility functions such as general purpose LED drivers, R-UIM or SD-Card-level translation, programmable resistors or digital switches
Interop's ability to access elementary files to update R-UIM cards means the company is well-positioned to extend its CDMA OTA provisioning solution to LTE operators in the near future.
OTASP enables subscribers to quickly and easily activate R-UIM and OMH SIM cards.
The UICC and R-UIM are the perfect platforms for us to support deployment of the wide-spectrum of 3G value-added services that operators will offer to their subscribers".
Individual subscribers on wireless networks can be authenticated and identified using R-UIM smart cards, enabling them to take their personal information and subscription with them as they roam and from phone to phone.
A spokesperson for SmartTrust said that, like the SIM card, the R-UIM is a unique component of the mobile value chain, and will allow operators to identify a subscriber and also control access to a carrier's services.
Designed for the CDMA users of this brand, the new SIMERA(TM) Airflex is up-to-date the largest capacity R-UIM card commercially deployed.
The addition of UTK system software to R-UIM capabilities enables R-UIM card-based SMS applications that interact with wireless handsets and the network to provide value-added services.
Gemplus has set up teams in China as well as in other parts of the world to provide dedicated support for R-UIM implementation.